The DNV has developed targets for each watershed in order to achieve the right balance of water: running off the land, absorbing and running underground (subsurface) into creeks and recharging aquifers

Start by finding your property. You can enter your address in the search box or zoom in on the map and click on your property.  Once you’ve selected your property, you’ll be provided with a bit more information about the watershed in which your property is located. Click the button to move to Step 2: Create a project and you’ll be guided through the steps for using this Water Balance Tool.

As you play with this tool, you will discover lots of ways to make your property development/redevelopment plans help our region better manage our rainwater resources. By implementing a few simply solutions that “slow, sink and spread” water, you will help replenish the aquifers, streams and rivers in your watershed and help restore the natural balance of the region’s water as a whole.